Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • vijay0101
    01-21 11:15 PM
    Hi guys,
    my friend's situation is like this

    1) EB2 is approved through spouse and I-485 is pending ....priority date for this is March 2005

    in the mean time EB1- 140 is approved.

    so my question is
    1) can i apply another 485 while the 1st 485 is pending... ?

    2) should I go ahed and apply for new 485 with EB1 any suggestion's are welcome.


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  • maddipati1
    12-09 08:59 PM

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  • rm7302
    03-22 10:49 PM

    I am planning to apply for Alberta Nomination Program under NOC (Manufacturing and Industrial Engineers). Does anybody has any experience with this NOC. Also, I need to know how does this process work. I apply for ANP and when I need to move I apply for jobs and then I get work permit...right ? Then if I need to get a TN visa to come back to usa how do I do that. I have a house in chicago, so wondering if renting that out could be an option for me when I immigrate to alberta so that when I need I can come to chicago. I am in my 5th year of H1B and with the current scenario my present company is not going to start my GC (it stopped because of layoffs in the company).

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  • priya777
    10-17 12:53 PM
    AS my PD is current july2003 EB2 and i have my AP documents.. can i travel to india for 1 month ??? as in case my I-485 is approved when i am in india what will happen to my status?
    what all documents do i need to take when i go to india? Please help me


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  • snathan
    05-14 03:53 PM
    Dear All,

    my current stamping expires in May 2009 and i am Planning to go for H1B stamping in india(Chennai).

    any recent H1B Stamping experiances in chennai consulate in india?


    One of my friend went there for stamping couple of days back. No issues. Asked only the W2 and he got the stamping.

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  • 08-22 09:54 AM
    I tried to create a stamp.. pretty pleased with it! Tho its quite scary:-/
    Its my brohter btw:P lol
    Not actually a stamp I'd put on a letter to my grandmother:beam:


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  • rocompo
    08-24 03:35 PM
    Hi All,

    I have a simple question.

    I have my I-140 approved with some kind of receipt number.

    My lawyer filed my I-485 and it reached NSC on Aug 9, 2007.

    I have not recd. any I-485 receipt notice or number yet.

    Can i still track my I-485 progress using my I-140 receipt number on

    the USCIS website somehow ?

    Thanks for your answers.

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  • f1issue
    03-16 02:05 PM
    Hi All,

    My OPT expires on March 20th 2012. According to USCIS rules, I am on valid F-1 status 2 months after OPT expiration. "nonimmigrant F�1 students on post-completion OPT maintain valid F�1 status until the expiration of the OPT period and the subsequent 60-day departure preparation period".

    Is it possible for me to take advantage to cap-gap after expiration of OPT as I will still be on valid status? Can I quit work for 10 days after my OPT expiration and start working again on April 1st after a employer files my H-1?

    Please advise.



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  • ponnam
    12-09 02:48 PM
    Can anyone help with your reply please....

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  • Yass
    10-04 09:05 PM
    Hi All,

    I'm looking for solutions in my situation.
    I'm currently under a L1 visa for a company A but I would like to resign and look for another Job.

    The thing is, as far as I understood, If I resign I have to leave the US. So here are my questions:

    1) How long can I stay in the US after I resigned from my company under a L1 visa? Can I stay in the US even if my I-94 is valid?

    2) How is the USCIS notified that I resigned from my company? Should I send a notification or is that done by my company?

    3) Can I apply to a H1B COS by myself to then look for a job? Or will I need a company B to sponsor me?

    4) If I can't apply to a H1B COS by myself, do I have any other visa options?

    Thanks a lot for your advice!



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  • CaveMan232
    12-16 02:00 AM
    I have a valid Visitor(B1/B2) visa stamp in my passport. I previously entered the country on H1B visa stamp which has already expired. Can I come back to US based on the valid Visitor(B1/B2) visa stamp?

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  • pkuttu
    01-07 07:51 PM

    I need some advice on what are my options.

    I have been working with a consulting company since June 2006. I have an approved Perm and approved 140 with the same company.

    Before my Perm and 140 were approved we got my H1-b extended till September 2011.

    I am planning to visit my home country and need to attend for Visa stamping. I have booked my tickets too.

    The problem is my company has recently changed its location and I have the old address on my paperwork (I-797, LCA etc)
    But the latest pay stubs have the new Address.

    Will I have any problems when I attend for Visa stamping?

    Do we need to apply for the ammendment? In that case should I postpone my trip, get the paperwork and then go for stamping?

    Thanks and Regards


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  • sxk
    10-19 03:16 AM
    I am looking for a good immigration lawyer based out of chicago. I had some questions and thought I will call and talk to a lawyer. If anybody knows of any lawyer who is not expensive and is good, please let me know

    Thanks is advance

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  • Janisaris
    10-23 11:34 AM
    As per the new information USCIS is planning to finish receipt update by end of the month. My application was filed on July 19th and received by B Fisher at NSC. All the folks who applied with me got their checks cashed last week.
    My I140 was approved from NSC last year.

    How many people are in the same boat. I know from other threads there are still people waiting from July 2nd.


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  • Blog Feeds
    04-26 11:30 AM
    I've attended hundreds of meetings of immigration lawyers in my career. Many of them have exhibited characteristics of 12-step groups in which we formed circles of victimhood, and "admitted that we were powerless over [INS, USCIS, DOL, State, etc.]and that our lives had become unmanageable." Many of these sessions disgusted me because of the excess of whining complaints over action. Too often immigration lawyers are wont to complain and play victim, but rarely do they model the fictional TV executive, Howard Beale in the movie, Network ("I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!"). I...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/angelopaparelli/2010/04/my-entry.html)

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  • kiarash929
    10-28 12:01 PM
    I came to US last December to visit my family by a tourist visa. during the time that I was here I got a letter that showed I won DV lottery. so I hired a lawyer and he told me he will be able to apply for me from here. so he prepared our file before our visa expiration date and sent our file. but we got rejection notice and he said this is because of sending it early. he did the same 3 times but each time we got the same rejection notice. now he says that we are out of status and our case is dismissed!! As i checked USCIS office, we were not able to send it before November according to our case number. now I want to know what should I do? is it really over?
    please help me.:(:confused:

    I need an urgent reply


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  • saimrathi
    07-10 10:40 AM
    No Thanks... :mad:

    Gandhigiri round 2
    Cookies for DOS/ USCIS family members? Now this is not from a movie. if someone slaps you one side, offer the other side ;)

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  • andy.thorne
    08-02 08:57 AM
    This is my first stamp...

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  • cosh1b2
    04-05 04:23 PM
    I had been in H-1B status and was laid off. My H-1B was withdrawn by my company on 12/31/2010. I applied for COS to B2 and received the USCIS receipt notice on Dec 17th, a few days before my H-1B was withdrawn.

    Later on Feb 2nd, 2011, I received the approval notice from USCIS for B2 valid from 02/02/2011 to 04/29/2011(I had informed in my application that this would be my date of departure.) My question is: What status would I be from the date my H-1B was withdrawn till the B2 validity start date?

    Forum members, please clarify.


    04-11 02:10 PM
    Any body has any idea about Everest Business Solutions INc(EBS) in VA.
    Please post your comments about this company

    04-12 01:53 PM
    I had started my anual subscribtion this Friday (4/10/09). How long does it take to be admitted into the donors forum? I have sent the email with details that same day itself. I have not yet recieved a reciept or any RFEs. Hope there is no backlog:D:D:D

    I think it takes a few days to confirm the sub....thnks

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