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  • newxyz100
    07-19 03:36 PM
    While filling my biographical information form (I-325a) I forgot to add one of my residential address which was in a different city where I stayed only for 2 months. I was wondering will that be a major issue?

    I remember this is the address I gave when I got a job and they did a background check on me. If there are any repercussions how do I rectify the solution, can some one please respond?


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  • TeddyKoochu
    12-28 12:14 PM
    Please let me know!!

    I think you can log on to uscis.gov and check the case status for receipt number, always good to add this receipt number to your account (User Account) where you can track your portfolio.

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  • GC_dude
    03-30 10:05 PM
    Pl. advise what all documents do I need to send to USCIS for extending stay on visitor visa for my parents.From all the sources I read so far here is the list of documents that I feel that needs to included :

    2)Letter to USCIS (from me the sponsor) explaining the reason for extending the stay.Please post any letter format that I can use.
    3)Copy of parents passport
    4)Copy of I-94
    5)Copy of original return ticket (with return date in 6 month from 1st entry)
    6)$300 fees

    Questions :

    Do I need to sent I-131
    Do I need to send bank statement and recenet paychecks
    Do I need to buy new ticket for extended date and send a copy?

    This is a last minute decision.I-94 expires in 3 weeks.PLease help .


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  • krish420
    03-06 02:49 PM

    A couple of events are happening in my life now:

    * My current L1-B expires in June
    * I am getting married in April - So I am traveling to India in April, returning in May.
    * My company is planning to apply for my L1-B extension.
    * My future wife will try to get her L2 in April, after our marriage, planning to come with me in May.

    I hear that i am not supposed to be traveling while the L1-B is being extended. I also hear that the consulate may reject L2 if the L1 is about to expire.

    1. Are these above rumors true ?

    2. Is there a problem if my company applies for my L1-B extension and I travel to India at the same time ?



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  • Blog Feeds
    10-22 12:00 PM
    Ugandan-born Charles Wesley Mumbere, a former nurse's aide in Maryland and Pennsylvania, was crowned king of Uganda's 300,000-strong Rwenzururu Kingdom. Mumbere was sent to the US in 1984 as a young man in order to get an education. In 1987, he sought political asylum due to political upheaval in his country. He trained as a nurse's aide in the US and kept his royal status a secret for most of the last quarter century. The green card holder returned to Uganda earlier this month to assume the monarchy for his people. Good luck, King Charles.

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2009/10/immigrant-of-the-day-charles-wesley-mumbere-king-.html)

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  • chintu25
    07-12 03:20 PM
    :D :D :D :D :D Scheduled System Outages

    On Thursday, July 12, 2007, at 9 PM EDT, certain USCIS web-based systems will be taken out of service for maintenance upgrades. They should be restored in approximately three to four hours. These systems include:

    Case Status Online (and processing times)
    Field Office Locator and Information
    Civil Surgeon Locator; and
    Change of Address Online
    We apologize for the inconvenience.


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  • Blog Feeds
    06-23 12:50 AM
    One reads this story in the Dallas Morning News and is prompted to scratch his or her head wondering how these two women - both here since early childhood, both with completely clean criminal backgrounds, both married to US citizens - could be facing deportation. And how is DHS so tone deaf to the facts? The agency has the discretion to not pursue deportation, yet it chooses to do so. The agency also has the authority to allow these women to pursue their green cards, yet chooses not to do so. And they are silent when the women and their...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/06/ice-push-to-deport-serbian-sisters-highlights-problems-at-the-agency.html)

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  • riazahamed
    11-19 09:39 PM
    Applied for Non RIR labor during April 2004 under EB2 in Ohio. Employer changed address (in same city) and one year before. Last week I came to know that Dallas BEC closed my labor case since they didnot recd the 45 day letter response from my employer. My employer requested Dallas BEC (with proof of informing them the address change) last week to re-open my labor case to continue processing the labor approval. My employer says it's better to apply for a new PERM as a backup.

    Can the IV members advise me how to proceed on this?


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  • fatjoe
    10-25 03:06 PM
    As per Murthy's site, we can apply for an interim EAD after 75 days of filing. Has anybody had any luck in getting Interim EAD from local USCIS after 75 days. Do they encourage 75 days period to get EAD. Pls let me know.

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  • storm
    08-11 11:46 AM
    May 2007 filers, please post your processing status here:

    PD: JUNE 2003
    I-140 FILED: OCTOBER, 2005
    I-140 APPROVED: APRIL, 2006
    I-485/EAD FILED: MAY 1, 2007
    FP: JUNE 13, 2007
    EAD APPROVED: JULY 27, 2007

    I-485 LUD'S - June 13, 2007 - after FP
    Sept. 4, 2007 - soft LUD - no status change
    Sept. 27, 2007 - card production ordered
    Oct. 2, 2007 - approval notice sent
    Oct. 4, 2007 - cards received


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  • cookeroo
    07-23 11:57 AM
    now that you said that... :D

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  • raju123
    06-22 07:18 AM
    I think, most of our members are busy with filing I 485.
    Recently, we had a wonderful article in Business Week. Please take a minute and join me to thank Deepa Singh, Wadhawa, Jay Pradhan (logiclife), and Vineet Agrawal for exclusive article for EB category. Hats off for the hard work of this team !!



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  • cbpds
    04-27 03:34 PM
    go to .com and follow the list.

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  • ameerka_dream
    03-31 08:13 AM
    Giving I-485 benefits to people without current PDs is a bad idea.
    so what 's good idea to you......putting all of EB applicants who are waiting to file 485 in waiting state until you get your GC is a good idea?

    First of all, why are you being worried about this action item being EB1 applicant and you will get your GC in no time...

    I don't think you are from EB1 category...You are selfish mind who holds EAD and doesn't want other EB applicants to come in to 485 waiting line.

    would you have had the same thought if there was no July 07 fiasco and if you would need to wait in the line........selfish minds like you can't stop this action item.

    Stop opposing this item here. &&%^%^%$$#####


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  • Anders �stberg
    November 22nd, 2004, 12:30 AM
    Grumble, grumble...

    I don't think I've ever seen a discount, Canon triple rebates, or any low prices in general over here...

    Your prices are lower *and* you get rebates - not that I want the Kodak dSLR, but it's still not fair. :)

    Couple of mins discussion by a Journalist on Fox News - "The Journal Edition Report" [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Couple of mins discussion by a Journalist on Fox News - "The Journal Edition Report"

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  • ibb
    02-08 05:04 PM
    If I apply for H1b in April, 2008 and choose consular visa processing, and the H1b starts in Oct, 2008. Do I have to go to the consular for a H1b visa? I might receive a EAD from 485 before October, and if I do, I would like to use EAD but keep the option of H1b open.

    Can anyone answer me???

    Say I don't activate my H1b in Oct 2008, but H1b is valid for three years, does it mean I can activate it any time by going to the consular for a H1b visa from 10/2008 to 09/2011? Of course I will keep my status valid (AOS) throughout the period.

    Thank you for your answer!!!


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  • looivy
    08-11 08:41 PM
    Hi Attorney,

    Can you please let me know the answers to the following general questions.

    For an individual, let’s say an I-485 was pending since July 2007 (I-140 approved) with current employer A and she moves to an employer B on a similar job on a H1-B transfer invoking the AC21 portability.

    1) After the move, if the I-485 gets denied, can the person still retain the priority date of the underlying approved I-140 in any new application if she files with the same or a new employer.

    2) After the move, if the I-485 gets denied and the person loses her job with the employer B, can she take a job with employer C by transferring the remaining time on her H1-B visa.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • kirupa
    04-11 05:06 PM
    Hey vibedesign,
    Create and animate the text that you wish to have "wireframed" in Swift 3D. When exporting the SWF, make sure you select the No Fill option. Consequently, make sure you select the Outline option with Entire Mesh or another setting selected! That should export your animation without the fill but with the outlines instead. That will look like a wireframe text effect!

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  • zico123
    06-21 03:22 PM
    Can one obtain a photo ID on a visitor visa? This way the visitor need not go everywhere with his / her passport. Please advise.
    If you can manage to get the points required to get a State Photo ID then you can get it. It will be valid for the period of the visitor visa.

    04-14 11:32 AM
    Can I use EAD to do part time work?
    Can it be in any field?
    Does any of this affect my gc process?

    I-140 , I-485 filed
    Spouse is the primary filer.

    10-29 02:31 AM
    I will make sure I check my mail at least every other day.

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