Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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    11-03 07:30 PM
    An interesting discussion that questions whether Dobbs is in it just for ratings and whether his recent shooting incident was distorted for publicity:

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2009/11/cnns-howard-kurtz-discusses-dobbs-controversies.html)

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    06-06 12:50 PM
    If you care about America's ability to compete in the years to come, you know that having a robust, well-functioning talent worker visa system is critical. One group with a great track record for work on creating such a system is Immigration Voice. They're sponsoring Immigration Voice Advocacy Days June 7th and 8th in Washington and I urge all readers able to participate to please do so. IV has nearly 400 meetings scheduled with members of Congress and the Obama Administration and this is a great opportunity to have your opinions heard by people who can make a major difference...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/06/join-immigration-voice-for-capitol-hill-visits-monday-and-tuesday.html)

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  • leo2606
    10-05 06:06 PM
    There is already another thread opened, please check following link


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  • sen
    11-29 08:58 AM
    I recently joined a company in New York area and my family resides in Chicago. Eventhough my permanent address is in Chicago, i temporarily stay in NY area. Do I need to file AR-11?



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  • bijualex29
    09-13 03:43 PM
    I do not think, we need to break our head against House repulican, they are so bias in their thinking and approch.
    I think, senate version will have some chance of incorporating SKILL bill, since they are usually broad minded and willing to listern.

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  • Lucky7
    01-05 06:32 AM
    I talked to my attorney yesterday about converting my April 2001 TR (EB3 India) to RIR regarding the "hold Harmless" rule and he told me that AILA is going to get more info on the 10th next week regarding more info and would it be safe to convert or not.
    The thing holding him back right now is the fact that some of his other DBEC LC clients sent e-mail request 2 weeks ago and have still not received anything back about Prevailing wage or any ammendments.Once you send the e-mail your case is RIR only and all paper work has to be sent by April 01 or your case is closed.Now say you send for RIR conversion 15th January and it takes DBEC 1 month to get back to you and that leaves a very tight window to get all Recruitment report together by April 01.
    I will post next week after the 12th and see what he says.
    As far as the September 2007 date he told me that AILA has allready found out that both DBEC and PBEC have got an extension and funding till Febraury 2008 but do not want to annonunce because the pressure all people who are stuck writing to their Senators and Congress.


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  • whattodo21
    09-07 02:20 PM
    Seven Myths That Cloud Immigration Debate - Brookings Institution (http://www.brookings.edu/opinions/2010/0901_immigration_west.aspx)

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  • solaris27
    02-26 03:55 PM
    MA- Logan Airport


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  • anilsal
    10-16 02:39 AM

    Here is a veteran's tale of starting and maintaining a state chapter.

    Please read it and if you drink Gatorade once in a while, then ask yourself the question : "Is It In You?"

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  • Knicker
    02-08 09:34 AM

    I came to US on L1 in 2005 thru COMPANY-A and then applied for H1B thru COMPANY-B in 2006 and got approval under 2007 CAP. But I didn't start working for COMPANY-B(H1B) and went to India after H1B approval but came to US on L1B again to continue my work with COMPANY-A(Did a leapfrog).
    In 2009 I transferred my H1B from COMPANY-B to COMPANY-C and got the petition approval. So I have a valid H1B petition with COMPANY-C.
    In the same year my COMPANY-A(L1B holder) applied for COS to H1B under new 2010 CAP and got approval. So my status has been changed from L1 to H1B with COMPANY-A.

    Now I have 2 approved valid petitions, one with COMPANY-A and the other with COMPANY-C, my question is if I get an offer from COMPANY-C can I start working with them with out any H1 transfer application ?
    or can I transfer my H1B from COMPANY-C to another COMPANY-D ?

    Thanks for your help,


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  • sri2005_05
    08-12 10:34 PM

    I would like to know can i change employer after my i-140 got approved.My i-140 got approved 6 months back and i have h1 until next year

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  • gc_bucs
    04-05 08:17 PM
    It's still too soon to answer these kinda questions..

    So what's the final word about the EB3 all categories retrogression? Will that be resolved soon? what are the chances in plain english?


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  • Davis
    05-19 01:51 AM
    I got H1-B petition (I-797) approved in 2008 but due to recession, I couldn't appear to consulate office. I did not get a chance to work in US for that employer so I don't have any pay stubs for that employer.

    The petition is approved till 2011. And now I am planing to either appear for visa stamping or transfering I-797 to any other sponser.

    My queries are -
    A-Appearing for Visa stamping now after long time is right option or is there any chance of rejection?

    B-Since My current employer is not able to employ me there,I want to transfer my I-797. Can It be possible? How much risk is there? If it can be done that what is the process of that please?

    C-Since petition is valid till 2011, If I get stamped this year Oct / 2010 what will be duration of visa?

    D-Any sponsrs list ?


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  • hebron
    08-09 07:38 PM
    Hi Guys,
    My I-140 was processed at the Nebraska center, but my attorney sent the I-485 case to Texas Service center. Since my I-140 was filed at Nebraska, I was expecting my I-485 would be sent Nebraska also.

    Should it be sent to Texas center or Nebraska?


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  • Abhishika
    10-04 07:47 AM
    Hi All,
    One of my friend has been working for a desi company for 6 months and now is moving to another company.

    In the desi company offer letter there is no information regarding leave encashment and it says that he is eligible for one day leave per month.
    There is no statement regarding leave encashment policy in the offer letter

    So if he resigns now will he get any leave encashment or is there any virginia state laws governing the leave encashment

    Thank You


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    12-18 10:40 PM
    Just when U.S. employers thought the bad vibes emanating from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) could get no worse, the agency tasked with deciding whether to approve or reject requests for immigration benefits has come up with VIBE -- its new Verification Initiative for Business Enterprises which costs a whopping $35,506,760.43. Just imagine . . . . . . a program in which USCIS, by using VIBE, "will acquire information from an [Independent Information Provider (IIP)] . . ., which can be used to verify the eligibility of a company while detecting multiple types of misrepresentations." . . ....

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/angelopaparelli/2009/12/bad-bad-bad-immigration-vibrations-from-uscis.html)


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    02-15 09:20 PM
    British-born Stan Brock is the founder of Remote Area Medical (RAM), a non-profit health care company that has helped organize volunteer physicians, eye doctors, dentists and support staff to set up weekend-long events in large venues that offer vital health care services to the poor and uninsured. RAM has hosted 581 events and treated more than 500,000 people with the volunteer services of 45,000 health care professionals. According to Business TN Magazine: RAM is largely supported by small donations, and volunteers pay their own travel, lodging and food expenses. While many patients seen at these events are local, it's not...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/02/immigrant-of-the-day-stan-brock-health-care-hero.html)

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  • xtetic
    05-01 10:57 AM
    I have been reading some posts since yesterday. I still haven't been able to get a confirmed clarification.

    If I am on H1, and change my status on H4 for lets say 8 months. Then decide to start working again on H1, would I be counted against the cap again?

    I have been reading some posts which says if I have been counted against the cap once in last 6 years, I won't be counted again. Does that apply when one changes visa status from H1 to H4, and then back to H1.

    Has anybody done this successfully. Can you point to some clarification or law from USCIS itself?

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  • rkumar18
    06-03 05:34 PM
    Hi All,
    I just called USCIS using the POJ method to check on my I485 status which is current for June (EB2 India PD is 3/20/04).
    IO said a visa needs to be ordered for the file and it will be done in the next quarter i.e, July 08.She also said the file will not be assigned to the IO unless the visa is ordered??
    Does this mean that all the visas for EB2 have been used for this quarter? Also, not sure why the file wont be worked on until the visa is ordered...which contradicts the pre-adjudication theory.


    06-14 08:33 PM
    For Democratic Leaders, a Fear That the Focus on the War Has Blurred (http://www.nytimes.com/2007/06/14/washington/14cong.html?_r=1&oref=slogin) By JEFF ZELENY (http://www.nytimes.com/gst/emailus.html), June 14, 2007

    WASHINGTON, June 13 � President Bush had barely left the Capitol after immigration talks there on Tuesday when Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, walked onto the Senate floor to call for a moment of silence. It was time, Mr. Reid said, to pay tribute to American soldiers in Iraq as their death toll reached 3,500.

    A short time earlier, Mr. Reid convened a conference call with liberal bloggers, offering assurances that Democrats would revive debate over the Iraq war. And he pledged to revive it soon, ending the silence that followed the White House�s outmaneuvering of Democrats last month to win more money for the war without a timeline to end it.

    �They�ve been driving this debate very well,� Mr. Reid said later, speaking of the bloggers who have been pushing for Congress to end the war. �I understand their disappointment. We raised the bar too high.�

    It has been nearly three weeks since Democrats have held a formal Iraq debate or voted on an Iraq proposal in the House or Senate. Not since they assumed the majority in January has there been such a lull. During the three weeks, Congressional approval ratings have fallen, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she knew why.

    �It�s the war, I believe so, it�s the war,� Ms. Pelosi said in a brief interview on Wednesday. �In terms of the issue that the American people want to have resolved, the war is three or four times higher than any other issue.�

    Some Democrats argue that it is high time for the party to turn its attention to domestic issues � energy legislation, immigration overhaul and lobbying reform � to allay concerns that Democrats have not achieved enough significant accomplishments during the first six months of their majority. But other Democrats are demanding a return to the Iraq debate, which Mr. Reid has now pledged to do this month.

    The proposals will not be new. Rather, Democrats intend to reprise at least four ideas when the Senate considers the Defense Department policy bill: a measure to reverse the authorization for the Iraq war, set a deadline for troop withdrawal, block money for major combat operations after March 31, 2008, and increase readiness requirements for troops to be sent back to Iraq. �On Iraq,� Mr. Reid said, �we�re going to hold the president�s feet to the fire.�

    Democratic Congressional leaders have been stung by the decline in Congressional job approval ratings.

    A Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg nationwide telephone poll released this week found that 27 percent of Americans approve of the way Congress is handling its job, while 65 percent disapprove. And 29 percent of the more than 1,100 poll respondents, all registered voters, said Democrats were working to change how government is run, compared to 63 percent who said Democrats are governing in a business-as-usual manner. The margin of error was plus or minus four percentage points.

    Ms. Pelosi said it had been difficult to convince some Democrats that despite their majority, they are limited in how they can change the president�s Iraq policy.

    �Some Democrats understand that we don�t have the signature and we can only do so much,� she said. �Others are just very unhappy. I include myself among them, being very unhappy that we have not been able to bring the war to an end.�

    With September being highlighted as a critical review period for Iraq policy � Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top American commander, is to report to Congress on the progress of the current troop buildup � Democratic leaders had initially hoped to tackle their domestic priorities in late spring and early summer. But on Wednesday, Democratic leaders said they would not wait.

    �The American people cannot and should not have to wait until later this year for changes in your flawed Iraq policy,� Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid wrote Wednesday in a letter to the White House.

    Representative Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, the chairman of the Democratic conference, said Democrats could not be drawn into focusing solely on Iraq. �We have to do Iraq and change the priorities of Washington,� he said. �You can�t become a one-trick pony.�

    The war has been the underlying theme of the new Democratic Congress, with barely a week going by without legislators embroiling themselves in committee hearings, a floor debate or symbolic resolutions for and against the war. Democrats have walked a careful line, trying to keep their criticism alive, but lowering expectations that they alone can influence war policy.

    The month of June, though, has so far unfolded with barely a word being uttered about Iraq. And lawmakers said they were hearing about it.

    Senator Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota Democrat who was elected last fall, said constituents were seeking reassurance that Democratic efforts to challenge the administration have not fallen off. She said voters had little interest in being schooled in the intricate rules of the Senate, where 60 votes are required for debate to proceed on legislation.

    �I share their frustration, answering them with procedural answers, �Well, we need 60 votes,� � she said. �People are dying over there, so that isn�t always helpful.�

    While Congress must accomplish domestic priorities, she said, Iraq remains the chief issue for most voters. �I think that�s one of the things we�ve struggled with, is finding that balance,� she said, welcoming the news that the Senate intends to revive the debate before month�s end. �It�s very important to me. I don�t want to go home until we do it.�

    10-01 12:36 PM
    If Company B have applied change of status, You status become H1B as soon as that petition approves. In that case, you need to work for comany B on H1B status and can't continue working on L1.

    Once you go out of country, you have choice of using either L1(if not expired)/H1B. If you have already done stamping for L1 visa, you don't need to stamp again. You need employer letter from L1 Employer.

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